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Teaching Cyber-Security

[Public Forum] What is your experience of teaching cyber-security with or without picoCTF? How would you advise others teaching cyber security, and in what areas do you still seek clarity yourself?

Custom Curriculum

[Public Forum] Consider starting topics here that deal with custom curriculum you have developed that use picoCTF, modifying existing curriculum to use picoCTF, or your thoughts on similar endeavors.

Competition Coaching

[Public Forum] How do you direct, motivate and help your students during live cyber security competitions like the yearly picoCTF?


[Public Forum] Please use this category to introduce yourself if you believe that would be helpful to this community

General Information

[Read-Only] picoCTF staff will put important information regarding these forums in this category.

Site Feedback

[Public Forum] Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Helpful Resources

[Public Forum] Have you found an online resource that helped you or your students understand an aspect of picoCTF or cyber-security better? Please share it as a topic in this category!

Feature Ideas

[Public Forum] Have an idea for a feature in picoCTF that would benefit you or your students? Pitch it here by creating a topic in this “Feature Ideas” category!